FAA100 Pty Ltd trading as Cygnus Energy provides a “Whole of System” warranty for a full 5 years which is independent from and in addition to the product warranties provided by the component manufactures.

What does it cover

During the first 5 years, if your system suffers a fault or defect in relation to the supplied workmanship, products, operation or performance of the whole PV system, FAA100 Pty Ltd trading as Cygnus Energy will rectify your system at $0 cost to you.

FAA100 Pty Ltd trading as Cygnus Energy will repair any damage or leaks caused by the installation of the solar system subject to FAA100 Pty Ltd trading as Cygnus Energy being notified of the damage. Please notify FAA100 Pty Ltd trading as Cygnus Energy as soon as you are aware of these damages.

This covers all of the related costs for repair/replacement of components damaged and the associated on-site labour.

Conditions and what is doesn’t cover

Damage to the system that is caused by weather or natural events. We recommend that you have your solar system covered under a home insurance policy to cover such events.

Damage or faults cause by external factors, e.g. vandalism.

Damage or faults cause by tampering with, repairing or modifying system by a party other than FAA100 Pty Ltd trading as Cygnus Energy.

Components that are visual in nature and has no effect on the performance of the system.

Damage or faults caused by the electricity grid.

Non-compliance with operating instructions.

What happens after the full 5-year warranty is over

If you do encounter any faults you can still rely on the product warranties with the manufacturers of the components supplied with the system. FAA100 Pty Ltd trading asCygnus Energy is still your first point of contact and will provide assistance to find a resolution from the relevant manufacturer. Product warranty documents are available at https://www.cygnusenergy.com.au/warranty-information

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