At FAA100 Pty Ltd trade as Cygnus Energy, we always try to provide the best possible customer service to our customers. We understand that no one is perfect and that’s why we’ve created this page to help you manage and resolve complaints.

Cygnus Energy’s Complaint Handling Procedure

Once we receive complaint, every reasonable effort will be made to advise the complaint as soon as possible. Depends on the complaint, we have to look the complaint in details and we ensure that we provide an outcome within 21 working days after we received complaint. Complaints that are not resolved in 21 working days, we will contact to complainant and explain the reason for delay. We recognise that we retain a level of responsibility for services carried out by contractors on our behalf. If a complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, he or she can ask to review the decision. In the case that you would like to escalate the complaint outside of Cygnus Energy we have listed The Clean Energy Council’s contact details below.

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