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Annual Total Generation of Solar Power: 6205 Kw/ Year*
Annual Savings on Electricity Bill: $1043.00 / Year*

* Solar production and savings are based on CEC guidelines and it depends on installation address

Solar Panels
Residential Solar System

5 Kw Solar Panel

An average number of people across the world use 5KW electricity consumption at their home electricity requirements. So, a 5KW solar panel system is an ideal electricity producer for your home needs. Such types of solar systems are also recommended for those people facing issues of heavy electricity bills. Such type of solar panel system is also an efficient and effective system size if you are seeking to expand the batteries of your solar system in the future. For your electricity consumption needs, you can go with 5kw solar power system. Cygnus Energy provides solar panels, which are reliable, efficient and safe systems to get energy from the Sun to run the loads and return the extra power directly to the electricity company.

How many solar panels need in 5 KW?

The modern-day 5kw solar systems will need 15-20 panels and will need nearly 25-35 sq meter area relying on how they are tilted and on the wattage of the panels as well as if the dimension of each panel is roughly 1m x 1.7m. If you purchase high power solar panels then you will need about 17 panels.

Residential Solar System
Residential Solar System

Why choose Cygnus energy for 5 KW solar panel?

Give us the time to understand your needs first, and tell us your budget and your daily power consumption needs. With all this information we will help you get the best power solution in terms of solar systems. We trust that the benefits of solar energy should be in reach for all people. So, why wait for more, just get the power supply to your home from solar panels and at the same time protect the environment.

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