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Looking for the best solar power system provider to make your investable funds worth? Well, We at Cygnus energy have arrived here with plenty of choices that greatly varies in KW. To be noted, the energy requirement differs from one another depends upon the power usage and area that needs to be covered. Mostly, the 100kw solar system is widely preferred which suits for a wide area without draining your pocket high. Our main motto is to understand the expectations of the users and provide service accordingly. Selecting of right choice will let you enjoy the benefits in multiple ways rather than paying the high electricity bill and power fluctuation problems.

We are the one-stop solution for availing the 100kw solar power Melbourne at the best package. We assure that the services are rich and genuine where the customers don’t want to make any compromises with the quality of materials and services.

Residential Solar System
Residential Solar System

How Many Solar Panels Need In 100 Kw?

100kw solar system will requires a big space 800 sq. meter area to install 380 to 400 solar panels approximately.

Why Cygnus Energy For 100KW Solar Power?

Cygnus energy located in Melbourne Australia where users from all corners of the world are approaching here to avail the best quality services at a reasonable cost. Damn sure, the services are updated and incorporated with stunning features and specifications what actually the users expect. Instead of wasting your precious money on the regular services, just make a call for us and get the 100kw solar power system with better customer support.

The representatives appointed here are approaching the customers in a friendly manner and makes you feel comfortable. No worries, we will answer all your queries and offer the solar system service in accordance with your needs and expectations.

Residential Solar System